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headphones takes us from 30,000 feet to the NFL sidelines and everywhere in between— wherever someone wants their music, their communications or silence to sound better than ever.


Noise Cancelling

Produced by Bose, the first noise cancelling headphones for consumers appeared on the market in 2000. But the first spark of inspiration came on a commercial flight from Zurich to Boston decades before.

“Research is the heart of what brings out better products. And if we were public, we would have to be so concerned with every 90-day statement that we couldn’t afford to do that kind of thing.” 

Dr. Amar G Bose

Headphones Products

Bose produces headphones for professional pilots and the US military—and, of course, for ordinary citizens who want to enjoy their music more and hear the noise around them less.

Cancelling Sound With Sound

How does Bose noise cancelling technology work? Tiny microphones inside each earcup measure the sound of your environment (a.k.a. “noise”).

Then digital signal processing compares whatever your headphones are playing—your music, your movies or maybe nothing at all—to that noise and instant-by-instant create opposing digital signals to cancel it out.