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How do I check length of time the product delivery? 

In the estimate time arrival column there is information about the length of time it takes to delivery in accordance with the type of delivery you choose.


Can I schedule the delivery time?

You can’t schedule the delivery time, therefore we can’t guarantee delivery of your order on date and time that specified.

However, we can assure you that we maximize the delivery process and also we cooperate with partners who have the best service.


Is that delivery can be process in the weekend and national holidays?

Delivery of product orders on Saturdays & Sundays or even national holidays only apply to the types of delivery JNE YES (premium shipping).


Is my order delivery can be accelerated?

Sorry, we can’t speed up the delivery process. Estimated delivery depends on the type of delivery you choose and your shipping address area. We will send a notification via e-mail if the order has entered the shipping process.


Can I be contacted if the order will be shipped?

Sorry, we don’t provide these facilities.


Can you send packages to my office?

We will ship your order according the address you provided when the order confirmation, be it a home or office address.


What if I am not at home when the package comes?

You should prepare a letter of authority to confirm and declare others as the recipient of the order. You can also contact customer service at telephone number 0857 1600 6000/0813 1056 0000 or email us at cs@bettersound.co.id immediately after booking. The second party must show identification along with letter of authority from you.




How much does it cost for delivery costs?

We implement policies of delivery costs that are more equitable and competitive for you.


For certain products and / or products with a minimum expenditure above a certain value, will get free shipping.

Delivery cost will be calculated based on products according to the criteria that have been set by the services that work with us.

How to check the postage when I made the booking?

During the order confirmation process, you can check the delivery cost below the total purchases.