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Home Audio

The way people experience sound in their homes has undergone several revolutions since we introduced our first product in 1964—from massive speakers with racks of components that play only music to one-piece systems that provide a 360-degree, never-ending symphony of music, movies, games and more.



The story of SoundTouch™ is the story of how we’re always focused on making it easier for more people to enjoy more music—by removing one barrier after another between our customers and an extraordinary experience.

“In my mind, music is one of the most important things in people’s lives. I put it right up there with food and sleep.” 

Santiago Carvajal
Category Business Manager Bose

Direct vs. Reflecting

Sherwin Greenblatt played a key role in the pioneering research behind Bose’s first successful product, the 901® Direct/Reflecting® speaker. “We discovered it mattered not just what reached your ears, but how,” Greenblatt said. “In concert halls much of the sound that reaches you is actually not directly from the instruments—it’s reflected. And it’s that balance of direct and reflected sound that has a decided influence on your perception.” But how do you recreate this in the home? After thorough experimentation, a pair of pentagon-shaped enclosures emerged from the lab. Each had nine drivers, but it was their unusual configuration—eight pointing to the rear and only one to the front—that was the breakthrough to making music sound like a live performance in your living room.